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1. Sketch
If there is no sketch available or the sketch requires a higher level of detail before technical drawing, we can help create the sketch based on your description of the concept of the style or collection.

The sketch will be made to reflect the author’s idea.

2-3 hours
2.Technical drawing
If there is no technical drawing available or the available technical drawing requires a higher level of detail, we can help create the technical drawing

1 hour
3. Fabric selection and sample shipping
We are happy to help you with selection of the fabric for your garment or collection. During the fabric selection process we will keep in touch with you via messaging and sending images for your evaluation.

Once an initial set of fabrics is selected, we will ship the samples to you via post so you can make the final decision.

The timeline is calculated based on the availability of the fabric at the supplier’s warehouse in Russia.
If the fabrics need to be purchased internationally the timeline will vary based on the terms offered by the fabric supplier.

1-4 weeks

4. Production order creation

In order to create your order we will need the information from you regarding the number of styles, amount of items per style, whether digital patterns need to be produced, if grading of patterns by size/height and tech pach need to be created and whether fabrics and accessories will need to be purchased.

We will also discuss with you the level of complexity of the styles (based on 3 categories) and prepare the agreement.

You can find sample agreements for private individuals and businesses as well as shipment terms at the top of the home page.

1 week

5. Preparation and signing of the contract
We provide standard sample agreements for private individuals and businesses.

Please select the appropriate one and choose the required options when placing the order.

We will discuss the agreement terms together before signing.

3-5 days

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6. Prepayment

Once the contract is signed, we will expect a prepayment of 25% of the total value of the contract, excluding fabrics and accessories.

The selected fabrics and accessories are to be paid in full.

7. Purchasing fabrics
The timeline is calculated for fabrics that are available in stock at the supplier’s warehouse in Russia.

1-2 weeks

8. Pattern design
We help create (non-digital) paper patterns that are required to create the style prototype.
Timeline is calculated per style.

1-2 days
9. Creation of prototype

The style prototype is created from technical fabric for a model or body form for the size of your choice.

Timeline is calculated per style and depends on style complexity.

1-2 days

10. Prototype approval
We will send images and videos of the ready prototype to you for approval. If required, the prototype can be shipped to you via post.
11. Sample cutting and tailoring
Timeline is calculated per style and depends on style complexity.

2-5 days

12. Preparation, digitalization and grading of the patterns into different sizes

Timeline is calculated per style and depends on style complexity.

3-5 days

13. Tech pack
Timeline is calculated per style and depends on the category of complexity of the garment (level 1,2, 3).

The price of the service will vary depending on the level of complexity.

1-2 days
14. Agreement addendums discussion and approval

2-3 days

15. Order production
This service includes preparations for the order to be produced, ensuring the necessary supplies are in place etc.

The timeline depends on the total amount of items, category of complexity, availability of the required fabrics and accessories.

Our production capacity allows to produce appr 100 items per month.
Our representative will help you place your production order.

16. Photoshoot
You can order a professional photo- and videoshoot with us.

- photoshoot (1 shooting day) – 100 €
- videoshoot (1 shooting day) – 312 €
- model (1 hour) – 15 €
- stylist/make-up artist (for one model) – 18 €

Total price of the service is discussed in the contract addendum.

Timeline includes selection of the photos by the customer and photo processing.

1-2 weeks
Photoshoot examples
17. Payment
Payment is made upon invoice to our account details stated in the agreement.
18. Shipment
Shipment terms can be found on our website and are will be agreed in the contract
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